Caribbean Resort Hotel Gambling

Perhaps you have heard tell of the fabulous Caribbean resort hotel casinos, which combine the excitement and glamour of Las Vegas with the magnificent beaches and tropical ambience of the Caribbean. Along with high-tech slot machines and table games, Caribbean casinos offer nightlife options such as discos, dance clubs, and bars. Perhaps the most famous casinos are in the Bahamas (although locals are forbidden to gamble, tourists are welcome to the action). Atlantis Casino is the Caribbean’s largest with over 30,000 square feet of fun, including a thousand slot machines and eighty gaming tables. Atlantis Casino also features outdoor terraces with several restaurants and a fourteen-acre Waterscape aquarium (the largest outdoor aquarium in the world), with immense underwater glass tunnel walkways where people and fish can meet face-to-face. Novice gamblers can take gaming lessons. Crystal Palace Casino, just outside of Nassau, is another exciting casino on Cable Beach in the Bahamas. Crystal Palace has 700 slot machines and forty gaming tables with blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps. Royal Oasis Golf Resort and Casino on Grand Bahama Island features state-of-the-art slot machines with exciting gaming action, and an electronic sports book as well as table games and a nightclub. There are other great resort in the Caribbean casinos besides Bahamas. On Curacao, the gambling action is at Kura Hulanda Spa and Casino at Willemstad. The Dominican Republic is also a gaming paradise, with lots of world-class casinos all over the island (especially in Santo Domingo).

Have you ever played Caribbean Stud Poker? This variation on poker began in Aruba in the 1980’s, supposedly by a cruise ship director who wanted to make money. Caribbean stud poker combines blackjack with poker where instead of the players competing against themselves, all players compete against the house. One of the dealer’s cards is dealt face up where all the players can see it. Since its invention in Aruba, Caribbean Stud Poker has spread throughout the Caribbean and is one of the most popular casino games. Although the Caribbean is a fantastic place to enjoy some of the best casinos in the world, remember that each island has its own rules and laws about gambling, so you should check into the details wherever you are. Casino schedules can vary, so inquire before you go. Also, no children beneath the age of eighteen are permitted inside resort in Caribbean casinos, so you should provide other activities for your kids before hitting the slot machines and gaming tables.

Getting Discounts on Las Vegas Hotel Rooms

High rollers are aggressively courted by the major Las Vegas casinos by offering them discounted or free hotel rooms, free buffets and other “comps” (which is short for complementary offerings). If you’re not quite a big-spender and the hotels aren’t chasing after you, should you try to bluff your way into a free hotel room in Vegas?

Calling a hotel and simply asking for a gambler’s discount may be enough to score a free or deeply discounted hotel room. However, don’t expect it to be a no strings attached offer. You should be prepared to provide answers to questions such as what casino games you usually play, your average bet, how long each day you typically play and how much gambling money you have for the trip. A casino that is providing a deep discount to a first time guest may also ask that you apply for casino credit and give detailed information on your employment and bank accounts.

If you’re willing to jump through the hoops and give up some of your personal information, be aware that your casino play will be closely monitored during your stay. If you don’t give the casino an acceptable amount of play, don’t be surprised if you are charged the normal, non-discounted room rate upon checkout.

A legitimate way to receive Las Vegas hotel discounts is to sign up with the casino’s player’s card program. With a reasonable amount of gambling, you will regularly receive offers for promotions that are invitation-only. If you take the hotel up on the promotional rate, you will still be expected to do most of your gambling at that casino.

Whatever you do, don’t gamble in order to just save a few bucks on a hotel room.